Dymo Labelwriter OpenCart update (June 2018)


Dymo LabelWrite OpenCart update 06-2018

The Dymo JavaScript SDK (Software Development Kit) 2.0 version has problems with printing labels through any browser except Internet Explorer (11). After more than a year, Dymo finally released a new version (3.0) of the SDK and of the DLS (Dymo Label Software). Please see their blogpost here: ‘Updated JS SDK and DLS’.

Dymo LabelWriter Module update

With the OpenCart module, admins of an OpenCart webshop are able to print labels directly from their customer orders inside the OpenCart backend. This module depends on the Dymo SDK and the DLS. The module has two version. One for OpenCart 1.x and one for OpenCart 2.x.

We have updated the source code of the opensource project OpenCart Dymo LabelWriter module. Please see our GitHub for details and installation instructions on this page. Please update/install the correct module in your OpenCart installation. If you updated the Dymo Label Software on your PC and restarted your browser, you should be able to print labels from your OpenCart backend without any issues. The printing function should not only work in Internet Explorer, but also in other browsers like Google Chrome.


If you have any suggestions or requests, please let us know through our contact form or through GitHub. Also, we would like to receive any feedback from users of the OpenCart Dymo LabelWriter module. Last but not least, we would really appreciate it if any developer is willing to contribute to the opensource project. Please contact us. We are also willing to start new module versions for other eCommerce platforms like Magento.