Dymo Labelwriter Magento 2 module


Dymo LabelWriter Magento 2 module

After the recent updates of the OpenCart Dymo modules, we decided to develop a Dymo LabelWriter Magento 2 module version. Please see this blogpost about the update of the OpenCart 1.5.6 and OpenCart 2.x module.

Magento 2 Dymo LabelWriter module

The Magento Dymo LabelWriter module enables administrators of a Magento 2 installation to print shipping address labels directly from the orders overview. This could make the shipping process of placed orders a lot easier. If an administrator wants to use this module, he or she requires the DLS (Dymo Label Software) and of course a Dymo LabelWriter.

We have made this module opensource. Which means everyone can use this module. But it also means developers can update and upgrade this module. We hope and encourage users and developers to contribute to this module and/or the other opensource projects so the quality and functions of the modules can expand and grow.


The easiest way of installing the module is through Composer. It’s also possible to install the module manually if you prefer that. For installation instructions of the Dymo module, please see the README.md file in the GitHub repository. You can find the repository through this link. If you are only interested in the Composer details, please see Packagist.


As written in the paragraph above, we would really appreciate any form of contribution. Contributing can be done in many ways like opening an issue on GitHub, send a pull request or sent us a message through our contact form. Thank you in advance !